Hypertherm 30 Air cutting Video

Just got my table set up 2 days ago. I took a quick video today of the 30 AIR in operation on the crossfire table as I know some have been curious how well it works. this is 18 ga material and I am anxious to try it on thicker material using the table. I have had the cutter for roughly a year now and have hand cut thin sheetmetal up to 3/8" plate and everything in between, I have always been happy with the results.


I’ve got the same cutter , would you share your speed and amps for 18ga and 16ga? Thanks

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I have not cut 16ga on the table yet, I just ordered some today actually along with some 1/8", once it shows up and I get some cuts on them I will post what settings work well for me.

On the 18ga I run 30 amps and 90 ipm, I have essentially no dross and am very happy with the results.

I hope that helps.

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I found some scrap little thicker than 14ga and with some tests cuts at 60IPM 30amp with little dross but you can remove it with the screw driver. or polishing wheel , did you cut any other thicknesses ? theres not many ppl using that cutter , we should probably keep sharing settings and build the toolbase for it. Cheers and thanks again

I think the 30 AIR would be the same as the 30 (not XP) as they take the same consumables. Having a database would indeed be nice.

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Thank you for the update! I work at a remote Mine site In Alaska for two weeks at a time, I received the metal I ordered right before I had to leave home (UT) and travel to work so was not able to try it yet, as soon as I return home and get some cutting done I will update. Also I was going to throw together an excel sheet with the data, I would be happy to share it here if there is any interest.

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How do you get the machine to cut the single lines like on the forehead of that skull? Are you eliminating the lead-in and lead-out? Are you using Fusion 360 and Mach 3?

That is correct, get rid of lead in and lead out.

I am using Fusion 360 and Mach 3, I am struggling to learn F360 but trying to put my time in.


I just ordered my Crossfire and already have the Hypertherm 30 Air on hand. Are you still using yours for CNC work and if so how has it worked so far?

Any info you can pass along is greatly appreciated.


Hello, I am no longer using the 30 Air, I went with the HTP 875 cutter and absolutely love it.
The 30 air worked well for 16ga material but when trying to do thicker material it was not effective at least in my case. also, I was going through consumables like crazy on it when it was used with the CNC. I truly love the 30 air and still use it frequently for handheld work but I would not recommend it for CNC unless you are doing thin material and low volume. I hope this helps answer your question.

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Thanks for the reply much appreciated.