HYP 45 Torch, consumables

Just got my Razorweld cut 45 CNC compatible Plasma Cutter after a 5 month wait. Woo Hoo! The torch that came with it is called a HYP45, not s45 or x45. First of all, what kind of torch is this, and what consumables will work with it? Thanks for any help!

there is a little magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the screen to the forum…click on it and type in hypertherm consumables…you might be surprised what pops up

try that first…I found amazing results and I don’t even own that torch!!!

Appreciate the snarkcasm as a NOOb… I did search, and found nothing… maybe I didn’t enter the correct key words. I didn’t know that HYP45 meant Hypertherm, I guess if I bought a Hypertherm Plasma Cutter that would make sense. But I bought a Razorweld Cut 45 that was supposed to have a S45 or X45 torch. So yeah, thanks for the coaching. Upon further research I now understand that the X45/HYP45 torch head sold by Razorweld supports the HYP45 consumables. Not apparent or intuitive, just happened to see it at the Langmuir store in the X45 comments that the consumables work in the X45 and the HYP45. Hope this helps anyone .


The torch is Razorweld but made to accept Hypertherm 45 consumables. I don’t own one but looked at a few Razorweld pdfs to verify the difference in their torches. The X45 torch or HYP45 seem to be interchangeable names. The torch is a copy of the PM45 not the PM45XP from Hypertherm. You can get consumables from mechanic416 on ebay (George is also on this forum and has website https://georgesplasmacuttershop.com). If anyone knows more please correct anything I added here.

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I am sorry if I pissed you off…I may have been off a bit…but I meant no harm.
more often than not people come on here and do not try to do searches…just ask questions…

by entering your baisc razorweld 45…and different torch information you provided I found lots of information…on all types of consumables…

so please excuse my snarcasm as you so put it

I am not pissed off, for me, it takes way more to do that. Please understand, and I imagine you do, that this is a fully immersive/ quizzical deal once you decide to go buy this thing. Langmuir sells the system, and after that you are pretty much on your own to figure it out. There are no step by step manuals past building the table itself. I have struggled through air systems, power requirements ect. I guess you did too at some point in bringing up your system. The Forum has been a awesome resource… I have contributed as much as I could learning things about my plasma cutter building so others can take advantage of it. I know you have too. Heck I used to work on nuclear weapons in the US Navy, but at least I had an instruction manual.

I don’t think that people that invest this amount of time/ energy/money/ excuses to spouse/ are looking to waste anyone’s time on the forum. If they reached out, they need help. As a community, we should respond and of course coach them when they need it. (use your resources)… but try to first take into account that they may be confused, not exactly know what they are talking about ( I didn’t know that HYP meant Hypertherm, (I have never heard of Hypertherm) because i am new to the community…

I get the fact that “elders” are sick of answering Noob questions, then I guess just don’t do it. But trashing someone’s sincere question won’t make this forum community any better . That being said, I am not mad and I will buy you a beer if I am ever in Canada.


Thanks John, I appreciate the info!

Welcome to the gang! And I agree with alot of what your said. When i was new here I knew ZERO about CNC Plasma cutting. I dont think Toolboy was being mean or negative. I told someone in another post lastnight to use the search function. Not because I didnt want to help or think he should search before asking a question. It was because I dont know the answer to what he was asking so I pointed him in the right direction to find that info he seeked. Its sometimes hard to read the tone or mood of what someone says here. Or anywhere . I just hope you get your machine all tuned up and have some fun! Thats what its all about.

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I like your forward response…respect towards you…

I am going to go over this one more time.

The original J45H torch is really a PH70 torch made by Tecmo in Italy and was called a X45. But Razorweld only used that torch for a real short time and then started using the Tecmo TH70 torch and called it the X45.
Now to make it sound like your getting something your not Razorweld started calling it a HYP45 that would make you think you were getting a Hypertherm torch. Hypertherm doesn’t use the term HYP this is used by the Chinese and aftermarket torch and consumable makers.

Now I have not gotten one of the NEW so called HYP45 torch’ s yet to see if they are made by Tecmo or a aftermarket company.

Also note: Hypertherm does not recommend using their consumables on torch’s that are not made by Hypertherm.

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That’s pretty sneaky of razorweld to use the name HYP45. Well not really sneaky, kinda messed up.