HYP 45 kerf size

I’m new to cnc plasma cutting world. Just received my final shipment on the crossfire pro. I’m using fusion 360 and trying to setup my tool in the program. I have watched the set up videos that Langmuir offers and it says to set kerf size according to whatever specifications your plasma cutter says. I have the Razorweld 45 with the controversial hyp 45 torch. Unfortunately nowhere in the manual this machine does not have a suggested kerf size. Since I am new to this I am assuming that I am confused about something or the Razorweld brand was not a good choice since it really does not provide much information.
Also I bought this machine for sign making with16-22g steel. I have learned that the nozzle tip on this torch is not interchangeable. It’s a one and only tip. I’m looking for a finer cut on the thinner steel. Are there other consumables I could use or would I need another torch? Any suggestions on these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated.

Officially there’s only one size nozzle for that torch.

I know there is some offerings out there for fine cut consumables but these usually come with the warning of “experienced plasma users only”
The translation being “use at own risk”

You could try a few kerf with tests.

Make a square 2x2 .

perform a centerline cut to cut it out.

Measure how big the square cut.

The difference between 2x2 and the measurements of your square will be your kerf width.

It’s likely around .05 - .065.

I think the langmuir literature recommends starting at .055

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I’ve seen some manuals where they talk about twice the nozzle orifice but that’s just rule of thumb.

If your goal is to do fine cutting on that thin material 18 to 22 gauge then the best plasma unit out there for that would be a hypertherm 45xp.

Faster cutting and lower amps produces a thinner kerf. You’ll have to find a balance of what works with your materials.

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The orifice hole in the new cutting tip is between .040" and .045". Setting the kerf at .055" works well. If you run it at lower amps then 45 you can get a thinner kerf but you must be at or close to max ipm.

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I really appreciate yalls help on this. I will take this into consideration when i do my test cuts.