Hynade Cut Chart? CUT80

I know there aren’t too many out there with this machine but was wondering what you are using for amperage speeds and pressure. My best results have been 16 gauge 30 amps at 55psi, 14 gauge 40 amps at 110ipm and 60psi, 11 gauge 45 amps at 110psi and 60 psi. I know I could run faster if I kept it at 45 amps or higher, but I hate to fix too much that isn’t broken. 3/16 45 amps at 45 ipm and 60psi although I have got decent results from 50ipm.

hey…so welcome to the forum…
up on the right top of the screen there is a little magnifying glass…
click it and type in Hynade

you may not get a full cut chart but you will find some people who have the same cutter…send them a message and you might get some cut charts from them