HTP MicroCut 875 not firing

Hello All,
First post here and I’m still very new to CNC. I’ve got my table built (CrossFire Pro, with LS-THC) and I’m using an HTP MicroCut 875sc with the CNC port. I’ve ran the break in file, and I’ve made a couple of G-code files. Yesterday I tried to do my first cut and didn’t get any arc from the torch while doing the arc-test. I have the machine in CNC mode, and I have the THC hooked up to the 14-pin connection to the cutter, is that all I need to wire in the plasma cutter? I’m obviously missing something… I read today about downloading the could that be my problem?
Thanks for any and all help,

You need to wire in pins 3 & 4 to the trigger control.

Thanks for the replies mechanic416. on the back off my machine it has a 14 pin connection 7 of them have pins in them from the machine, coming from the THC box I have 5 and 6 wired in. I guess my question is once I install pins 3 and 4 to the back of the plasma cutter where does the other in go? Do they plug into the THC box also? Sorry if this seams like a dumb question its just out of my normal wheel house… Thanks again

3 & 4 goes to the trigger control, its in the crossfire manual.