HT45xp Machine torch

upon inspection of my new machine torch i came across this out of the box… i will be contacting both HT and Langmuir about this tmrw but i was wondering if anyone could fill me in on if this is a huge deal (HT manual says avoid pinching the wires it could prevent torch operation… the wire isn’t damaged just the coating ) to where i need to stop my build or if i could limp by with this one until i hear back from either LS or HT?


Continue on with build…

Thxs brotha! i hope I’m overthinking it and everything goes well haha just finished up roughing all the cables… would suck if i had to remove the torch

Agree with @rat196426 .
If Hypertherm agrees, perhaps something like this would be acceptable.

But I am guessing they won’t take the risk and will send you a new torch. Routing a new torch cable isn’t too bad.


Why did you dissemble torch to begin with?

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So i have a background in CNC Milling, Waterjet and EDM but pretty new to actual plasma itself… that being said i noticed right away while going through LS assembly steps my torch looked a little different from theirs ( models an what not are different i get it ) and i couldn’t figure out what the brass scale was on the side of mine seeing the Z mount didn’t have anywhere for that to mount to… i think it was in the area of routing your torch to fit a CNC platform in the HT manual i found the torch head disassembly steps … i now know that’s not needed but it was late and i was at it all day and a soon as i opened it… seen that… took a picture and went to bed haha. but good news is LS already has a new torch in the mail but i took your advise @rat196426 and continued the build anyway… ill be running the break-in cycle here in a bit.

again thank you both for your interest and help tho… I’m glad this forum is here!


No problem, if you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to reach out on this forum. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum and good group of guys willing to help.