How to set torch height in straight cuts?

The title says it all - “How do I set the torch height in straight cuts?”

Of course this is referring to a machine with THC.

I’ve read through the documentation and I haven’t found that mentioned.

Do you mean using the straight cut function in Firecontrol? I believe it just always uses .06" cut height and you just specify the length and direction of the cut.

so if you have THC and want to use straight cut feature in Firecontol…just program the distance and amps…and then you can toggle THC for that…it means setting the torch just above the edge of the metal and allowing …

Playing around with it I found that I could manually jog the Z to the desired torch height, zero out my Z axis and then run the part with the THC maintaining that distance.

Well I just found out that my “fix” isn’t. I got this reply from Lamgmuir Support:

In Straight Cut mode, IHS will automatically set pierce height to 0.15" and THC will automatically set cut height to 0.06". These defaults cannot be changed at this time, but we’re looking into the possibility of allowing height modifications in Straight Cut mode for a future update to FireControl.

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You can use a set cut height if you toggle off the IHS setting in Straight Cut. This will only generate the XY moves for the cut you are performing so the current Z height will be what you will cut. The no-IHS straight cut “program” does not have THC enable and disable commands so THC will not activate during this cut.

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