How to select what is cut first

Maybe I missed this in the instructional videos but how does the cnc know which objects in a part to cut first? For instance if you have a square with smaller designs in the middle, you would want the designs cut first then the square cut to prevent the square from moving if it were done in the opposite order.

Fusion 360 figures that out for you, it cuts the middle stuff first and does the outside last. You can also choose your own order if you prefer.

Video 4: Profile Cut, under the LS Tutorials.

The post processing part of cam will create the Gcode based on the order of the individual 2D profile cuts (Tools paths) created. If you had a part with 3 circles, you could add them all to the same 2d profile cut and the system would determine the cut order and you could select the entry locations of the first cut.

If you wanted or needed specific sequence control, you could create a profile cut for each circle separately and the post processor would build the file based on the sequence you created the profiles in.

Depending on the type of cuts, you may want to create different profiles anyway just to adjust for speed, lead in/out, and any other small factors that would be different for detailed patterns as opposed to simple external line cuts.

There may be more minutia to F360, as there always seems to be a deeper level of cool options within the program, but that would accomplish your stated objective using the basic controls.