How to save a nested file

I nested 6 parts that I had done separate operations for in Sheetcam, post processed them and did the simulation. I don’t know how to save them so i can open them in FireControl. Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks in advance.

Where did you send the post processed file? When you hit the Green button to post process, it brings up a box where you can name the file and choose where to save it. I have a folder that I created for .tap files and that is where I save them.

If you hit the post process button and it completed the post process, there is a .tap file somewhere on your computer that you can open in Firecontrol. If you don’t know where that is, just hit the post process button again and pay attention to the file location in the box that pops up.

Edit: In reading your post again, it sounds like you created a jet cutting operation for each part, but maybe didn’t post process the file yet. Hit that Green button on the top left of the toolbar to post process the file.

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Solved Thank You DS!! That was the problem. I post processed the file and they cut perfectly.

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