How to remove a double line in sheet cam

Hello, I hope some one can help me with this .I have a pattern of a knife when I set it up in Inkscape it looks fine but when I get it into sheet cam I get a double line and I would like to know how to get rid of it.beings I am new I was not able to up load a picture of it
Chef knife-7.dxf (12.1 KB)

You may be able to put that line in a sperate layer. Then don’t create a tool path for that layer. Other than that you can remove it in inkscape

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it was edited in inkscape and it was saved as a single layer so I don’t see a double line in that. but in sheet cam I can see a double layer

Try moving that line to another layer. Select edit contours. It looks like a red square with the corner removed. Highlight the unwanted portion right click and select move to another layer. When you create the tool path make sure not to select that layer.

In sheet cam or Inkscape

Sheetcam you can create different layers for different portions to use different settings. Did you weld it in inkscape?

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I got it!! You are the man thank you so much for the assist!!

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If you still have trouble you can email your SVG to me and I can look at it. It won’t be long you will be able to upload.

I am getting ready to put it in the machine now and try it out I will let you know how it turned out!

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post your pics!

You can do what Phillip suggested in Sheetcam for a quick fix.

You can also note where the overlapping line is in Sheetcam and then go back to Inkscape and remove the line by using the edit by nodes tool and delete the nodes on that line to remove it

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Inkscape shows this as a ‘group’ of two objects. In Inkscape you can do:
Select the object,
This will give you two paths. Select the one you don’t want and simply hit the delete key. Poof, it’s gone. Then, save it as an SVG, which will import more reliably into SheetCam.

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This is what I was working on I got rid of the double line thanks to Phillip his suggestion worked great.
out of a 9-inch wide bandsaw blade, I will be able to cut 4 knives from a 14-inch long piece.
I made matching pairing knives as well.
This was the first time for me using the forum here and everybody has been so very helpful Thanks so much for everything!!