How to open a TAP file?

We’re just starting with our table, and Langmuir recommends we download a TAP file to break in the table. We downloaded the file and Sheet Cam, but we can’t seem to open the file. Any ideas?

Hi Daniel,

Files with the extension .nc or .tap are cut-ready gcode files that can be directly uploaded to FireControl. These files cannot be opened in SheetCAM.

Files that end with .dfx (or other CAD files) can be loaded into SheetCAM.

If you have not already installed FireControl, it can be found on our Downloads Page.


Thanks a lot!

Assuming you have a crossfire pro table.

You just need to load (open) it in Fire Control.

Before you run it, jog the torch to the front left corner of the table.

Running the breakin file will move the torch diagonally to the right rear corner and back a few times.

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