How to nest more than one sketch

I’m trying to nest 2 different sketches at one time but haven’t figured out how yet.
Any help would be great. thanks

Just insert them both into your sketch and space accordingly.Im not sure you can if its individual tap files your trying to nest.

Thanks Heath,
I’m still trying to figure this thing out, what do you mean by “tap files” is that the same as my individual sketches?

Tap file is what is created by the post processing.Thats what you load into mach3.

are you using fusion? if you can learn to design in inkscape for example, as its free. You can work in that alot easier to design and move things in exact increments, scaling etc. You can do your nest in there. Ex. say you want to cut out a square and a circle on a scrap piece of 5x5" metal. Make a 5x5" box put your shapes in it then export the shapes as a .dxf file. Bring that into fusion in the sketch and then go into cam and program the toolpath. I’m fluent in vector programs but haven’t conditioned myself to learn fusion quite yet. Takes me a while to figure out how to move a shape or flip it 90 degrees etc. In corel draw that I use, I can fly right through it then just export it and bring it in and create a toolpath…

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I was playing around in inkscape,i Don’t have it all figured out…
I’m a hands on learner. Wonce I get it it’ll be awesome.
Thanks for y’all’s help.

I actually use that workflow myself. I use F360 but not as much as Corel for design.