How to make a 2d object 3D in fusion?

Does anyone know how to take a 2d object (even just a box for instance) into a 3D image in fusion? How do you go about connecting it all together? This would be just used for pictures and marketing obviously

If they are touching you can go to modify then combine and it will make them one object.
You will have to push or extrude the parts a little.

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Use the Extrude function to pull the shape(s) you want to have thickness. You can then rotate, tilt, etc to be able to show what something will look like from a client’s perspective.

I think that’s what you’ll need vs traditional full 3D modeling of parts & shapes.

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Once I extrude all the pieces, I will be able to move each individual piece how I want ?

Alright I will give that a try man

If you draw different 2D items then extrude them as long as they touch you can select Join in the bottom of the extrude dialog box and it will add them to the existing body. This becomes very powerful when you realize that you can start a new sketch and select one of the body’s faces as the plain to draw on. This means you can take a simple rectangle extrude it to 3" (or 3mm) then start a new sketch on the side of the block to create a bolt pattern, a cut out for a bearing as well as bumped out mounting flange to mount up with another part. Each started with a 2D sketch then extruded to proper thickness, joined or cut onto/into the parent block.
You don’t get to do this much with Plasma cutting, but if cutting is just the first op to a larger machining job you can plan it all out in Fusion 360 and build your tool paths for each machine on one drawing.

Let me know if you need more details I can find some youtube links for you. (or look are Nyccnc on youtube those guys don’t do much plasma stuff but do a lot cnc milling and the drawings are done the same way)