How to load the post processor

I need to find out how to load the post prossesor for both sheetcam and fusion. I for now own both programs and am trying to learn the but all my posts that I did while waiting on the pro are for Mach 3 and Firecontrol will not run them. thanks for the help

For SheetCAM
Go to page 6 of the manual, which is here
, bottom of page heading: Setting up the machine

Download the SheetCAM post from here
And import it using the instructions above. Once you import it you should see it set as the post in that dialog. Press OK to close that dialog, now when you post you’ll be using the Firecontrol post.

Can’t help you with Fusion.


On LS main web site they have step by step instructions. You’ll have to go to and select the support section then click on the menu button. Go down and select “CAD/CAM with fusion 360”. Then stroll down to " POST PROCESSING FOR FIRECONTROL (CROSSFIRE PRO)". This is the step by step instructions for fusion 360. For sheetcam continue to stroll down further to " POST PROCESSING IN SHEETCAM FOR FIRECONTROL". This is the post processor step by step instructions for sheetcam.