How to get driver for hypertherm powermax 45 from Autodesk

Can’t figure out how to get the driver for my hypertherm powermax 45 XP on the autodesk fusion 360 software to make cuts in fire control.

Are you looking for a tool set that you can use in Fusion 360 for the PowerMax 45?

I’m not sure what you mean by driver?

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Or maybe talking about the post processor that’s used to take your tool paths in Fusion 360 and turn them into G-Code for fire control?

Those downloads are available under the software section on langmuir site.

Very new to this we have a drawing we’re trying to get it into fire share I’m not having any luck which one do

Fire control is what I meant to say

What is the format of the drawing you are trying to cut? What are the 3 letters after the “.”? svg, jpg, dxf, bmp could be possible choices. Can you post the drawing here?. The work flow looks like this.

1 process drawing in a design program such as Inkscape, illustrator fusion 360 or other.
2 Use cam software such as Sheetcam or the CAM portion of Fusion 360 to create G code file to use in Fire Control.
3. Import the G code file from above into Fire Control for cutting on the machine.

There a 3 distinct steps with different choices of software for the first 2. There are good resources on this forum the magnifying glass in the upper right will be your best friend for quick answers.

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