How to export/post processes f360 gcode

I think i got my setup and tool path down. Now i cant figure out how to export/post process f360 gcode. Not even sure im using correct vocabulary to state my problem.

Any ways trying save tool path to my computer so i can use it when needed.

Didnt see langmuir or fire control in tje f360 post processing libary. Any help would be appreciated.

@1bigkeith welcome to the forum.

The post processor can also to found on the software download page of the langmuirs main page.

Once downloaded load that file into your local library in Fusion 360

Here is a link to an topic with more information.

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Ok. For what ever reason when i download the post processer it automatically opens firecontrol not f360. Have tried downloading several times with same result.

Do you have the always open for downloaded files selected?

That does mean the file is in your computer . Open Fusion 360 and navigate to the files location.

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Thank you will guve it a try asap.

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One of the Fusion guys can help you more, but the .cps file is not something that you open or import. You just need to know the location of the file in your computer (probably in your downloads folder)and tell Fusion where to find it.

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So now i get the above message. I hade about 20 different downloads of the post processor half opend firecontrol and tje other half f360 but no luck finding in post processor libary local or other wise.

Feeling defeated . Help

You link up above does walk through it but when I get back tonight I’ll uninstall mine and then download and reinstall it on my livestream.


So when im in fusion i cant find the downloaded file and from my compueter i can see it in my downloads. When i open the downloaded file it opens fusion but fusion does not support the file type.

Think i got it figured out seems i was forgetting to go local then click import to get the postp to show up. Reloading fore control and see if i can import my newly exported gcode.

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