How to enable torch firing into post process

Loaded my first program to see if it will run, the table ran the path perfectly but the torch didn’t fire at all. I noticed fusion uses m3 and m5 for torch on and off. Are these the correct m codes? What could I be doing wrong for the torch not to fire but the path to run with ease

what plasma are you running? Did you hook it up to the cnc controller? alot of guys splice in the wires. Pretty simple. Then if you hit that torch button it will manually fire the torch if you want to check it. when you run your program it will fire the torch automatically. I haven’t had to do anything with torch firing within the programing side. I just post process out of Fusion and open the .tap in mach3 .

ironically I just started having torch fire issues the other day. Im using brand new hyp XP30

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