How to cycle compressor manually?

I have the “usual” 60gal compressor. It cycles when the tank pressure gets to 135PSI and cuts off again at around 165. Sometimes I am about to start a cut, the compressor is at 140PSI and I know it will cycle while it’s cutting. I never had an issue with that but I’d like to be able to cycle the compressor manually so that it starts a cut when completely full, so I don’t have all the noise. I tried to look up over the internet but I have not found a way to trigger the compressor manually… anybody knows a trick?

Hook an air gun to the hose and pull the trigger until the compressor comes on.

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Pull cover off pressure switch press connectors together with non conductive material like plastic rod. Let lose when gauge reaches desired pressure. If prv opens u may need to press it closed.

Why not build a box to put on your intake side to act as a sliencer? you have a plasma table right, perfect project!
Look online for ideas on how to build one. They really make a big difference.

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You’re never going to get away from the noise when trying to use a plasma table invest in some ear protection