How to cut inside holes 1st

How do I generate the tool path to cut my interior holes first before it cuts out the actual part?


For me generally setting it to “in computer” on the passes tab in CAM will cut the inside holes first, but if you really want to make sure that happens do the following (I think):

In the “geometry” tab of cutting (2nd tab), when you go to select your contours pick the inside holes first, then when you get to the “Passes” tab in cutting select “preserve order”.

At least that’s the way I’ve done it.

generate the tool path as you normally would leaving out the details you don’t want to cut on the first try. Set the speeds and details for those holes then, instead of posting it, make another 2d path that has the settings end geometry you want on the next path. Do that as many times as you need, so you may have many 2d paths all with different speeds and leads they will run one other in order after you post it. the simulation will show a red line that connects the end of one path to the start of the next, you can make sure it’s not going to cross over any problem spots that way. I just discovered this myself earlier. but got sidetracked before I could actually burn any of the parts.


Perfect…thanks! I knew it was something simple I was missing.