How to cut details on inside but leave just profile on outside

I am cutting a sign that has a plane and a train on it I want to cut the details on the inside but only do a profile line on the outside with connecting tabs. I am used to just selecting the whole thing and then cutting but it’ll cut the whole thing out of the sign and drop out. I have a crossfire Pro and I am cutting with a razor weld plasma. I am using Fusion 360 software as my cad/cam.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

To me it looks like a lot of work needs to be done to that drawing before you’re going to be developing tool paths.

I would post your DXF. I’m at work today so I won’t be able to mess with it but there’s a lot of other guys here that’ll take a stab at it


I already have had a tool path post prossesed and at my machine. I just don’t want the plane and train to be cut all the way out.

you will require two operations minimum

1st operation is center line cutting and selecting what you want cut manually selecting each line segment.

2nd operation is inside/outside loops again manually selecting lines/loops or by checking add tabs box or by desinging in tabs.

You maybe stepping back to the design phase to solve this.


Thank You for your help