How to create pilot holes?

I was curious to know how I could create a “pilot hole” by simply making the torch pierce but not actually cut a hole.
Do I create a hole in cad that is the size of the kerf ?
Will it then allow it to pierce and not give me an error due to not enough lead in?

bringing this back to the top, because I’m still unsure on how to do this if at all possible.

Not sure how small of holes you are making but just draw them slightly smaller than what you need and drill them out

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yeah I hear what you’re saying, I was more curious if there was a command that would just pierce (as in fire the torch for the amount of pierce delay at a pre determined location on the design) or, if you make it small enough would the torch simply not move and just do that? I’m worried I’d get a error when doing the CAM for not having enough lead in if the whole is too small

Did you ever figure this out?

In fusion 360 just select the holes;
have the pierce delay too short as you just want a marking;
process this file.
Process the cut as normal in a second setup.

Looking back, I thought this was a very good explanation…