How much psi are y’all using with Razorweld 45

Just curious how much air pressure you guys are running with the Razorweld 45. My regulator on my compressor is set to 95 psi for my typical air tools, but am wondering if that’s to much for the plasma

the razorweld has an internal regulator on it. I have it set at ~75psi, which is what it comes set at from the factory. It’s a pain to adjust because you need to remove the handle and the cover from the machine (much like you needed to to for wiring the torch) to do so. I have the pressure at 120PSI coming out of the compressor to 100PSI regulator after my air dryer.


Ya I knew the plasma cutter has a built in regulator, I just didn’t know if to much air pressure would blow out the plasma arc as I’ve read other plasma cutters run around 60 psi