How much borax per gallon of water?

Just like the title says. How much borax do you put per gallon of water? Thank you for your help!

I use some pool ph test strips from Walmart and start with about a 1/2 cup to 4 gals. Get the ph to 8.5 or slightly higher to hold off rust. I think the water in each home could be different so just start there and increase or decrease as needed.

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Btw, it’s only to prevent rust. If you drain the table right after use then it’s probably just preference at that point.

Does Borax create the same issue with the Zinc insert like other recipes?

Considering Aluminum is a base metal, it will eventually even react with just straight water, thus the anode. It should be inspected and any build up wiped off, so it can continue to be effective. Same as it is used in an Aluminum boat on fresh water. With the borax, I see some white crust form on the steel slats as it evaporates and just a little bit on the anode, while the pan itself is still bright and looking good so far with a slight darkness at the water line. To be expected, I figure.

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