How good is customer service?

Im looking at a few 4’x8’ cnc plasma tables to buy.Im wondering how customer service is with Langmuir on the crossfire xr? I would love to spend 3-5k less and buy a langmuir, but wont lie it looks cheaper made. Which im sure it is compared to others which isnt a knock on them for the price and if it works well. Just nervous about buying a cheaper table in my price range, but especially the cheapest of the bunch with out knowing how they take care of customers! Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I I was missing something when I got mine and I connected them by email I think and I had what ever it was in a week I think. I would say if your that concerned or in a situation where you can’t be with out it you may want to spend more money, and hope you get the service you paid for!

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I had an issue with the THC (Torch Height Control) on my XR. Reached out with an email giving a brief but detailed outline of what i was experiencing. Personally received a phone call from Cameron who helped me resolve the issue in minutes. My experience so far would get an A+ rating!


I completely agree. I had a similar experience with THC. Spent some time on the phone troubleshooting the issue and after sending me a replacement part, I was back up and running

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