How Does the Machine, CrossFire, Know Exactly Where Home is Located?

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I have a CrossFire from Langmuir. How does the machine home w/out limiting switches? I think I read it correctly but have not been able to find the article recently.

So, in theory, I place the machine at home and let it know via the GUI, FireControl, that my machine is now homed but…

  1. It does read the hardware and electronics correctly.
  2. I know this b/c I homed it and performed movements.
  3. So, there is a preset in the source that controls the 2’ * 2’ understanding.


P.S. Anyway, I think I already answered my own question. No issue. I am just bringing up ideas in case anyone wants to comment or produce other findings. I guess my follow up is this question…

Does the machine need to be homed each time or will it understand once I home once, the homing is completed and does not need replication?

If you don’t have limit switches, the machine will not “home”. It will go back to the X/Y zero location that you set when you hit “zero all axis”.

You can set the X/Y zero anywhere on the table and you will need to do that to cut things out of a piece of metal that has already had things cut from it.

Nothing will keep the travel within the 2’ x 2’ table area, except you not telling it to go outside the limits. If you have the X/Y zero set in the wrong place and load a design that goes outside the table area, it will crash trying to go outside the limits of the table.

Here is a video that I made to show the process.


Great video…you should do one on rotate and patterning in firecontrol to match.

Maybe even scaling and selecting other origin if needed. That would cover 95% of things.

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Thank you,

So, when I zero out the location on the 2’ * 2’ plane and I move away from that location, homing will bring me back to that location.

Since I do not have the limit switches, this is how I am going to have to handle it.


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“Return to work zero” will move you back to the location you zeroed out.

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I don’t use the current version of Firecontrol, so I don’t have a home button. I hit “go to X/Y zero” and it goes to where I set the X/Y zero.

I don’t know how the Home button works on a table with no limit switches. I’m assuming you can still set a home zero and a work zero.

With no limit switches, I don’t know what the benefit of having a home location is. The work zero is what you’re going to be using to position your parts on the table.

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Got it,

@72Pony and @ds690 , thank you guys…

I appreciate the help. So, work zero is basecamp. Okay.


P.S. When I venture out of basecamp, setting the XY to another basecamp or work zero will keep the machine reporting back to the base or work zero. Okay, got it! Thank you again. I forgot what I did and did not make notes… Oops.

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