How do you guys arange parts on Fusion with out the Arrange feature

Man i built a full welding cart on Fusion and has a bunch of parts modeled up. but now that I’m trying to create the NC i cant seem to figure out how to do it with out the arrange future. (its there but i need to pay 500dlrs for a year.)

How are you guys doing this step. Please Help!

I’ve got the paid version so I have arrange and the new nesting preview. But one way I’ve done this without using those features is to take each sketch model and export to DFX - usually by right clicking on the sketch and exporting to dfx. Then use to create a nest of all the dfx parts you want. will then try to arrange the parts in the most efficient manner.

Sheetcam is also another way to do this, but it’s about $150 (10% off if you buy thru Langmuir store I think)…Sheetcam is more manual, but you can arrange the parts as you like. Both methods require you get the F360 model out of Fusion into other software by exporting the dfx files of the various components.

I’ve also seen people arrange parts manually in fusion as well…this video shows a guy doing a cut plan in the model and saving that as dfx - which may be what you want…

(17) Build a bird house with Fusion 360 Part 2 ( add adornments ) - YouTube

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James5 Thanks for the help that explains it, i might have to just buy the full version of Fusion 360 its just a bit expensive but seems to be the best way to do this and use the additional features.

Happy holidays.

If you can wait, I got my Fusion360 license at a big discount for 3 yr plan during a promotion they ran over the summer. Don’t know if they will do a promotion again anytime soon, but may be able to find a deal in future…

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Like James said deepnest is actually a decent nesting program. I use it occasionally when I’m designing grapples and root rakes because its a lot of odd shaped parts and pieces.
I design it with fusion and just save it as a dxf and load it in deepnest and add sheet size and clearance between parts that I want and it takes care of the rest.
If the parts are more uniform I just do it manually in fusion by making a temporary rectangle to represent sheet size.

The only thing I use the crossfire for is to make mock up pieces and brackets when I’m building something so in fusion I make a 24"x32" rectangle and make my parts and place them in the rectangle and when I post process just select the part I just made. I leave that screen open and add parts to it as I need and cut them out. I have zero marked out on the machine and always start there and that way I use the whole sheet without wasting anything or atleast minimal waste and then just start over again when its gone.


Thanks for the insight, well I guess I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get the full version, in the long run, it will be with it I guess.

Just bumping this thread with news that Fusion 360 (Autodesk) is running a sale right now if interested in buying…it’s $895 for 3yr or 298 per yr. In case you are planning to go beyond hobbyist and wanting some of the additional features…

Fusion 360 Plans & Pricing | Fusion 360 | Autodesk

Current as of 1/15/2021. Not sure how long they are doing it for.


Cool pay for 3 years and save $1 over paying each year…pay me now or pay me each year…

Well it does protect against price increases over the 3 years. So it’s a question of whether locking in the price is worth paying up front, but it means you’ll be committed to using it.

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Pretty sure he means you can get 3 years for $895 or choose 1 year at $298. So its either get 3 years with that rate or go for the single year and hope the following year it doesn’t go up in price. Regular price per year is just under $500.


it was just funny looking…hehehehe…of course hey still want your money now…they can make more out of it then an increase of inflation each year…

I didn’t write or math that very well…sorry…doing a 3yr is $895 which works out to $298 per year. Buying a 1 year at the discount is $332 vs $495. I did a 3 year a while back with a little better discount - think it was $780ish…or $260/yr. You can figure the math…but the point is it’s not a bad discount…I’m not affiliated with Autodesk in any way and have no stake in mentioning this…just FYI…

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Well i went for it thanks for letting me know,

well it seems a month after buying fusion now it requires us to buy the cloud points in order to use the nesting future,