How do I upload a .dxf or .svg to FireShare?

Hello all! So I’ve made a couple of car files that I would like to share on FireShare, I look at FireShare like the penny cup at the check out line, take a penny when you need one leave a penny when you have one. At any rate I made a '59 corvette file that is good enough to share I think and an AC Cobra file that is good enough to share but I don’t know where to find the .dxf or the .svg of the files only the .nc that fusion processed. I made these files in fusion, is there a way to get a .dxf or .svg out of fusion that I can upload or am I only going to be able to share the .nc? Thanks in advance!

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The second screenshot shows where to get your dxf from.

Here’s a video I made that also shows how to export a bunch of different formats from Fusion 360.

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Can you just upload the .nc to FireShare or is that problematic?

You can.

But someone else may have different cutting parameters and it’s helpful for them to have the d xf for modifications.

I’m excited for the AC Cobra!! My dream car since I was a kid.

I hope to do a replica one day. I’ve watched several YouTube builds. My wife always chides me a little when she catches me. “Are you watching

I just tell her to buy me a kit for Christmas and once it’s done I’ll never have to watch another one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Same, it’s been at the number one slot of my favorite cars of all time for decades. GT40 is a close second though. I just cut it, haven’t cleaned it up yet but here’s what the AC Cobra file looks like when it’s cut.


That looks great! Good work!

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All done, I uploaded the .dxf, enjoy!
Here’s what it looks like cleaned up and sprayed down with flat black.