How do I update my machine without internet

So…I need to update my magic box on the table. But I need an internet connection to do so. BUT my table is in the back of the shop where there is no WIFI. But if i disconnect my table USB cable from the laptop, then I can’t update the machine. I don’t want to drag the table outside to get a WIFI connection from the house. What am I missing? Am I a dunce or what?

What needs updating? You can take your computer to an internet connection and download the update, then hook the computer back up to the table and update the control box. No need to move the table.

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I think you may need a connection to update the firmware of the table?

Just tether it to your phone for the update.

Like brownfox said. If you have data on your phone, you should be able to just create a wifi hotspot with it and connect your computer to that. :+1:

I’d like to know what update you guys are talking about. The latest version of Firecontrol will flash the updated control firmware and THC firmware when you connect the computer to the control box.

if your computer is connected to the internet the software will update with a click of a button…but without internet your PC will not update the Firecontrol software


I bought one of the 2nd batch Pros but just recently got around to getting it together.
When uploading the ready to cut Cummins Diesel logo by naudydave from Fireshare into Firecontrol, I would get the error that the file was postprocessed by a different version and that I needed to update my postprocessor in the machine by clicking the UPDATE MACHINE button above my connection button, but when I’d do that it says I need an internet connection to do that which i do not have inside my shop. So I have removed the electronic box and laptop from the table, took it to the office where I had internet and updated the firmware to V1.2ls.

Still not able to proceed. Trying to load the Cummins logo and the Generating Visualization circle just spins and spins and spins.

that is because the file in fireshare was postprocessed for a different machine…most likely one without THC…
you need to open the file in Fusion360 or Sheetcam and re-post process it…make sure thast you download the proper file for the post processor your are usning from the langmuir site…sheetcam or Fusion360

What version of Firecontrol are you running on the laptop? Install the latest version from the downloads page and then connect the computer to your control box. There is no need to take the control box with the computer.

Are you asking about updating the motion control board firmware? If so, dismount your electronics enclosure from the CrossFire PRO leg tube, then just take the electronics enclosure along with your laptop to an area with internet access. Once you have updated the firmware, you can attach the electronics enclosure back to your machine’s leg tube.

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If you have a smart phone turn on your HotSpot and then you can connect to
internet where ever you have your computer and your not limited to your home wifi only.

At my place I have better WiFi coverage than cell coverage (like none).

Here’s an option I’ve used for 3-4 yrs., as long as your shop and home are on the same main breaker box, this may work for you, I was impressed the way it worked for me and I had an old router that I placed in the garage and now I have my own wifi in the garage.

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