How do I set up operations/NC Programs to machine multiple faces? [SOLVED]

I have a simple part that has basic machining on its top face, but I want to create facing tool paths for the sides. Do I create a new NC Program? How should I reorient the part? Basically a babe in the woods with this and trying to learn…

I should add that the new operations will require me to reposition the part in my Machine since it’s held in a milling vise.

A couple of questions - How thick is you stock compared to the part? Do you have enough to leave a clamping base on the bottom after skimming (facing) the top? If so, I’ve had success with using parallels to raise the stock in the vice, then use a 2D Contour to machine the sides. (This also assumes the material has enough strength.) This could be accomplished within one setup, and posted as a single post.


Good points, but then I’d still need a setup to machine off the material on the bottom that is left for clamping.

Correct. After facing the top and sides, and any other ops, create a new setup with the block inverted. Then face off the remaining stock.


Great, this is the piece I’m missing in my sparsely populated brain :thinking:

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For what it’s worth, I just watched a GREAT video from Mechanical Advantage ( that included how to reorient the model to create the multiple orientations and setups. This video is CHOCK full of useful information and I’m going to have to watch it about 17 times, running at 25% speed and lots of pauses, but, man, great stuff!

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