How do I set the starting point for the cut

I am a newby…

I can’t figure out where the starting zero point is set for the tool path. I assume that it is in the mfg workspace in Fusion360. All that I can see is where you set the entry point. Is that the zero point to FireControl? If yes, where do I set this in FireControl?

I am working at a disadvantage. I am currently working a software issue where the visualizer doesn’t seem to work in my hardware. Maybe the visualizer display would make it more obvious.

The start point (entry point) is set in the MFG work space. You can have multiple start points if you want FireControl to start in a specific area in the part. When you load the program into FireControl and select it to load (Do Not select Run at this time). Now move the torch to where you want to start the cut. With the torch in the area that you want; Zero all axis and the cross hairs should be at the bottom, left of the part. If you have THC you will be ready to run. If not you will have to set the torch height. Be sure the air is on , the cutter is on, and there is water in the water pan if you have one.
Have you clicked on the visualizer icon at the top of the screen? It is next to the G1/G2 icon. When you do you should see a bar come on at the bottom of the part. Click on the arrow.
There are some videos on the Langmuir site. They will explain some of this for you. There are others here on the Forum that can explain this better.