How do I cut multiple same parts?

I need to cut 10 gussets that are identical. The are basically a triangle to weld into the corners of 2 intersecting tubes for strength.

I have it designed and have cut a couple but wondering how I can get the last 10 on a piece with every other one flipped 180 so the nest together without wasting material and having to set the machine up and start every one separately.

Searched all over the forum but not finding what I am looking for to duplicate the part 10 times and then get them laid out efficiently.

Look for ‘Nesting’. That’s what it’s called when you duplicate a single design multiple times.

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Nesting. Got it.

May be a silly question but how do I go about duplicating??

BTW I am using 360…

In Fusion, can’t you just select all the parts of a sketch by dragging a box over it… Then do your typical COPY/PASTE maneuver?

Very possible but never tried it. I was thinking it would be something different built in that I was not finding. …there I go overthinking again…

Fusion recently released a feature for preview called “arrange”; its kinda buggy but really good and has some serious potential. It doesn’t do the “copying” but thats straight forward like kx9m mentioned. I’d google “fusion 360 arrange” for a better explanation

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I make a lot of gussets and when I’m cutting out a bunch of the same one I just draw a line parallel to the angle and mirror the image then it’s basically a square. From there I just move/copy those and click on the create copy box.
Minimizes waste and is quick.