How do I approach the modeling of complex architectural elements, such as curved surfaces or intricate facades?

Hello everyone,

My name is Ryan Stein, I have some questions regarding my commercial building design project?

  • How can I ensure the accuracy and precision of your 3D models, especially when dealing with real-world scale and proportions?

  • What methods do I use to verify that the modeled structures comply with architectural and engineering standards?

If you are someone who has worked on similar challenges, let me know your opinion on this.

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First off, welcome aboard. Couple questions…

What’s your 3D modeling experience level?
What tool do you plan on using?

Thank you for welcoming

I have been working for the past 2 years in building design, but so far I have only worked on creating individual building components. This is my first complete commercial building design project.

Primarily I work with Revit and Solidworks tools, but if you recommend some other better workflow, I will definitely explore.


Welcome to the forum

What building components have you been designing in Solidworks vs Revit? At our company we have both programs but we only use one of them on very specialized DOE and NASA projects.

What components do you have the most experience with?

Who are you addressing this question towards? The use of the possessive pronoun “your” implies someone has completed some 3D models.

Welcome to the forum!

What product are you considering from this company?

Perhaps if you shared a little more such as area of the country (varying building codes), intended use of said structure and timeframe of completion an answer would be more specific and helpful to you.