How can I get some help? Solved - missing set screw replaced

I got my crossfire a couple of weeks ago. I’m finally getting time to assemble it and I can’t get any tech support either on the phone or email. I can’t even get a human on the phone I basically go to the menu system sit and wait and get either a prompt to leave a message or the call just ends on me because it runs out of time does anybody have any suggestions?

Hey Temple,

We haven’t received any email from the address associated with your Forum account. Did you send them via a different email address? If so, could you send it to me in a DM so I can look into it?

If you leave a voicemail, we’ll call you back as soon as we can! Keep in mind that the holidays will affect phone support availability (I will still be available via email and here on the Forum).

What issues are you facing with your CrossFire XR?


I’ll send a DM. Yea it was sent via same email on Thurs morning.

What do you need help with? Lots of knowledgeable XR users on here.

On the step where you adjust the Z-axis tram(you tube video) I think parts are missing. There’s a step to adjust the bearings underneath to tighten the set screws to move the bearings to the bottom of the gantry tube. There are no set screws in those holes. Nothing engaged with the allen wrench so I scoped it and I see the part is threaded but can see all the way up to the bolt/axle that goes through the bearing. So there’s no way to adjust. I looked in all of the hardware bags and don’t see them either. Am I overlooking something or should those parts have been installed like the horizontal ones ? Since I don’t know the length if they are supposed to be in there can you send them to me ??

The set screws are pre-installed at Langmuir, so yours are missing. Is your table XR?

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Yes I have the Crossfire XR and there are no set screws on the bottom 2 holes.

The set screws are small, I think the Allen wrench size was 3 mm or 1/8 " not sure one of the two.

Can you take a picture of the spots your referring to?

well disregard, I went to Harbor Freight and got a set screw assortment and found ones that fit and got the bearings adjusted.

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