Hot Motors When On

Just a quick question,
Got done assembling the machine today and noticed that the stepper motors at all axes are getting hot just by the machine being on, is that normal?

Stepper motors are always powered when on so they will run a little hot.

When you say hot, how hot do you mean?

It gets pretty hot.
Can barely keep my hand on them.

That’s normal for CrossFire XR which uses bigger drivers (more amps) than our other smaller machines.

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I just noticed this today while resquaring the Z-axis. It was at least 90° today. Fans were pulling air through the shop too.

That’s normal- XR runs big drivers so they generate more heat when idle (as compared to CrossFire and Crossfire PRO). Nothing to worry about.

I noticed the same thing the other day when I let the machine sit there and idle for a while. 89° ambient temperature.