Home do you set up homing initially?

I downloaded everything and it said to home machine, started to go to upper left corner then hit the limit switches and sounded like it was still trying to home, I need to know how to set up homing, please thanks

welcome to the forum…we will get you fixed up here…but first we need to know a few things

which table are you on…the OG…the Pro…ot the XR…

also…what software are you using

I have the XR and I’m running fire control

Welcome to the forum. If you have an XR there is a direct support number you can call for help. Someone will walk you through it.
(936) 235-3991



I went ahead and moved this thread to the CrossFire XR category, perhaps you’ll find more insight from fellow XR users with it here.

As @TomWS said, the CrossFire XR has a dedicated tech support line that should reach Cameron, our XR tech support specialist, directly!


Go back to instruction on initial assembly of setting home switches stop bolts adjustment section, explains how to adjust. sounds like you don’t have homing adjuster bolts out far enough to trip the switches levers.