Holes not round (Solved)

I’m just getting started with my Crossfire, using a Vipercut 30. I’m trying to build the laptop stand. I cut one of the clamp brackets and the 3/8 holes aren’t round. They’re probably good enough - I just want to make sure I’ve got all the settings right to get the best performance possible. Is this what I should expect or are there some adjustments I need to make?

Have you made sure all your leadscrew couplers are tight? If not blue loctite does wonders .

Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll check. I have hit the stops a few times while jogging the carriage. They might have gotten knocked loose.Thanks

Your welcome. Just hope its that easy to fix.

You nailed it. I found both couplers had some play. I tightened them down and it seems all better.
The mount on the left is from before. The other two parts are after the fix. Thanks again for the hint.


Glad that worked. Tighten often or loctite them. Your welcome.


same problem…what are the lead screws??

Lead Screws are the long threaded rods that turn to provide movement. The couplers are the things that connect the lead screw to the stepper motor output shaft.


keep in mind for 3/8 bolt you might want to go 7/16 depending on how much taper you have. Those look much better

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Greg your gonna want to familiarize your self with your table or you will run in to problems down the road.


im getting there gimmy time

FYI I found the factory lead screw couplers were of some shoddy material that would strip easily. The ones you can order from McMaster are of far superior material quality. HIGHLY recommend them.

If you read assembly instructions and watched assembly videos you would know what the parts are…