Hobart 27i help with thc

I have a Hobart 27i and was a little nervous about hooking it up to my thc on my crossfire pro, question is which wires would I connect to inside the plasma cutter and from the thc box to the control system on the table, I have found videos on the Hobart for the torch fire control but not the thc, that’s all I have left then I can start cutting, thanks in advance and I’m putting a lot of trust in help from here so I don’t mess anything up , thanks again

Here’s a copy of your manual.

Towards the end of this manual is a wiring schematic.


Completely at your own risk but this is my guess where your connection points are going to need to be.

The black outline is your negative side of your raw voltage 6

The red outline is the positive side of your raw voltage. 9

The purple is the plug where your trigger wires enter the circuit board.
The black and brown wired coming from the trigger on the torch.
These are the wires that you’ll need to tap to fire the torch RC1-3 & RC1-4

Hopefully someone else out there can concur.

Also you’ll want to make sure you have a CNC deflector for your consumables. If you have a drag Shield you might want to sand off the drag tips.

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