Hitting machine limit before limit switch

Hi all,

Did some searching through the forums and in general on the web and haven’t found the answer to this.

My understanding when I bought this thing is that it has a full 48x96 cutting envelope. However, I’m not getting that…especially on the X axis.

The software is throwing a machine limits error about an 1/8" before it even comes in contact with the X limit switch.

What am I missing? I’m probably getting about 46" on the X and haven’t even tested the Y yet.


For the X axis I can’t recall there’s an adjustment for it, but if so I’d say it’s off and you have too much adjustment to where it needs backed off that 1/8”.

Have you set up your travel limits in settings menu in fire control?

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I just set up those limits yesterday on my new table. On the support page there is a limit switch setup write up. It walks you through that.

As for a ‘write up’ … I found the documentation that I used to assemble the machine that talks about installing the limit switches, however, this appeared to be software based limits.

I did manage to find some settings that helped me get past the issue by clicking the small settings icon in the upper right of FireControl. That allowed me to increase width from the default 48.05 to something like 48.25. This seemed to have more than 1/4" impact on the movement. I may end up calling support if I encounter further issues.