Hi! New guy here

Hello, I’m in the reno Nv. area and am going to be trying my luck with a crossfire pro. Im starting from scratch from the design software standpoint. I’ll try not to ask too many done to death questions, but if someone wants to help me out with a “cheat sheet” if you will of the best order in which to learn from drawing to the torch firing I would love the input. I’m going over video after video on youtube and can make simple stuff in Fusion so far.


Have you looked at this? The guy is kind of a slow talker but easy to follow.

This guy goes through the entire set up. Skip what you have already completed.

There’s other guys here that can help.

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Some where on the langmuir web page theres like a few 5 minute little videos on fusion 360. Probably some of the underrated videos to watch, they cut to the chase with them.

One youtuber I watched that pretty much was the reason I decided to buy my table is spicer designs. Hes got some good sign tutorials.

I would say your first few projects to keep them simple, and don’t overwhelm yourself right from the get go.

Welcome to the show


Welcome to the forum Victor!

I think you are referring to this series. It is quite informative, gives a brief run thru. Keep in mind it was done on an older version of Fusion 360 so the menus may look different. Pay attention to the words that are used as they will be consistent with the new version.