Hi from Nor Cal

I’m a mechanical engineer (for the past 35 years) that loves vehicle design and architecture. Although in my current role I’m evaluating vehicle technologies and trying to forecast future directions for new fuels.

I’ve been impresses by CNC things and have been watching on the sidelines for a while.
I got my feet wet in CNC less than a year ago with a Creality Ender 3 3D printer. It was a lot of fun.
I liked it, but I was thinking about buying a nice smoker and someone said for the same money you could buy a plasma table and make one. That statement really bugged me. So here I am – a couple of weeks ago I pushed the order button on a Crossfire Pro with the Razor 45 and THC option. I’m thinking about making garden art, fire pits, grill tops, furniture, car parts, and, of course, a smoker. I think I’ll try to clone a Yoder. I have a buddy that has one, so I could take measurements from that and I was thinking that it might be easier to just buy some components from them. But also if i standardized, then I could make accessories for friends with Yoders.

It’s hard to wait the 6-8 weeks, but that gives me time to organize the garage.


Welcome. In So Cal. Have a Pro running since January. Is a lot of fun. The guys here are a great resourse. Do a lot of reading. You can usually find the answers before you ask.

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Cen Cal here I have the pro and it has been an amazing machine. Holler if you have issues……follow all instructions to the tee