Hi from Gold Coast - noob level 10

HI, just completed setting up my Crossfire Pro and felt totally triumphant when it finally worked, the break in program that is, had to redo a couple of things but it’s working. Now onto attaching the plasma cutter and THC controller. Never done this before being in IT for 25 years so looking for a completely different side hustle. Can’t wait to start Fusion 360 and making stuff. This forum is fantastic, so much info. Don’t know enough to add anything yet but hopefully will be able to soon.


Welcome to this forum and the community of “do-ers and thinkers.” If you are anything like me, you are starting from the standpoint of “not knowing enough to know what I need to learn to be successful.”

That is where this forum helps: Great people with good advice and the experiences with the issues you might encounter.

Always wanted to visit Australia!


You add by being here. Asking questions adds to the forum too! I’ve learned a ton from other peoples questions!

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