Hi all! Noob with a Crossfire Pro Intro

Hi all, I just took delivery of my Crossfire Pro and am looking forward to using it.

I really enjoy metal working, but I am not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, I suppose I would classify myself as a Novice/Hobbyist. I know just enough to be dangerous… :beers:

I will have plenty of questions I am sure, especially the computer related ones. The whole CAD/CAM/FireControl is a bit intimidating to a guy new to CNC stuff.

I am getting there, albeit slowly.

Right now I have put the machine together, and just yesterday I got to the point where I tightened up the lead screws to the couplers.

It took me a while to get Fire Control installed today, and after searching here, I got it installed.

I look forward to the new adventure… :beers:

I only get to post 1 pic, so here is where I am at now…


@RunsWithScissors welcome to the forum! I am looking forward to seeing what you create with your new toy! Be sure to post some pics of what you come up with!

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Thank you sir, and yes, I will be posting some pics, when I get a higher “trust level”

This machine is the most I have ever spent on my hobby, so I have some high hopes.

My TIG welder was a close second in regard to total cost.

My Dad used to say “They don’t put pockets in coffins, cause you can’t take it with you”…hahahahah…

Most of my current projects involve my tractor…


Lots of great folks from Michigan on here! You live in a beautiful state! I have had the opportunity to do a fair amount of work in Michigan from Sturgis in the south to Sault Ste. Marie up north. I put 2600 miles on my rental truck in 2 weeks my first trip to Michigan. I went to the beach in Holland. It was close by the last building I was inspecting and wanted to rinse off before heading to the airport… I got to the beach… it was a big, beautiful, beach with large crowds but there were maybe only a dozen people in the water. I was wondering what was wrong with all those folks… till I dipped my toes in the water. :cold_face: Next to McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park it is the coldest water I have ever swam in. It took me 10 min to get the nerve up to jump in. I also spent a weekend at Houghton Lake. My coworkers (who I was traveling with) grandparents used to own a resort there and he still has family who live on the lake. We rented a ski boat, and I was skiing out in the middle and when I got tired and stopped (read crashed). I stood up and was only chest deep… Houton is a huge lake… it was totally baffling to me. Surprised, I told my coworker I was standing up… His daughter responded REALLY? Jims response… “Well he aint Jesus” :joy: :joy:


We’ll help turning your noobness into a pro in no time! Welcome aboard.

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Hahahah…Glad you liked it here.

We don’t have much for mountain scenery, but the lakes keep me vey busy.

As for the water temps, I dive Thunder Bay area in NE Lower Peninsula all the time and last week near the Mackinac Bridge we dove the Cedarville wreck and at 92 feet it was a balmy 40 degrees.



Thank you sir!

Looking forward to it, for sure. :+1:

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Welcome to the forum and the community of like-minded hobbyists exploring the world of plasma cutting.

That reminds me of something Phillip said (you will meet him later). He thinks it is important to remind new plasma cutting crafters (men and women) “Don’t hold the torch by the business end while it is turned on.”

But is really like telling someone not to lick a frozen flag pole. The best way to train someone not to do something is with a video.

Note to Phillip @Phillipw , please provide video!!! :rofl:


Hey @RunsWithScissors welcome to the fold.

We like to have fun here for sure. There is a great group of people here that love to help.

I see Jim has introduced himself! He is the joint president of the Langmuir chapter of the grinders club. I tell you that is a hard club to get into. The last welding test I submitted felt like a fraternity hazing. I was told close but @Bigdaddy2166 gets the cigar.

As for the business end of the plasma. A man does one training session for the new guys and they will never let you live it down. In my defense I was smart enough to leave the work clamp on the slates and not the material being cut so the pilot arc wouldn’t transfer. Yeah Jim was in charge of the film crew that day. He forgot to hit record. Sorry no second takes.


Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of great informatin and good people who are willing and want to help here. You are in for a good time with all that’s involved with this craft.


@RunsWithScissors Welcome! Fellow orangetractortalks member here. I don’t post much there but am a regular reader.

I saw your comment about the software being your concern. Langmuir has a good workflow explanation:

Software Workflow | Langmuir Systems

Good luck and I think you’ll find this a helpful community.


Forgot, since Runswith is showing off his tractor:


Thanks man.

Nice tractor!

I just picked up the General Lee’s front wheel from the dealer. Gotta get back to “Trail Blazing”.

Thank you, I look forward to learning a lot.

I also have my “Grinders Club” card…hahahahha :laughing:

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Well I am really feeling left out:

BTW: Really love my grapple bucket. This is the first project that I got to show the true value. Highly recommend one.


A grapple is definitely on my wish list. Damn priorities… :face_exhaling:

You’d think a guy like me whose had a CNC table for almost 2 years, has 2 welders, and can afford some steel would have built himself one by now.


I think you might be talking yourself into a “little” project here, live on the forum???

And when I say “little,” I mean BIG. And besides, it would be fun for all of us to watch the progress. I don’t believe any of us have talked you into buying anything recently?!

Sorry @RunsWithScissors, I don’t mean to railroad your topic. I am just trying to dovetail it into the tractor conversation.

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No worries, I love “tractor talk”.


Definitely a worthwhile project!!!

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