Hey There New to this community and looking forward to cutting a mess of product

Hello all although not new to the sign world and lots of years with vinyl plotters, this is whole new can of worms. I have been using CrossFire Pro. for about a month learning about speed, metal thickness and what the Razor Cut 45 amp plasma cutter will get done. I got into this as a way to produce my brake systems for early Rolls Royce’s. So I will look for answers on this forum to get through some of the glitches I have experienced. Cheers from Atlanta!


Welcome to the zoo!

This is a good place to come for help with that. We’ve all got different vintages so we’ll be able to take measurements and such… :roll_eyes:

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Welcome to this band of misfits! Here you will find answers to all of your questions as you venture down this rabbit hole! :beers: :rofl:

@Jackshack , I should have warned you that there is one misfit who races around on a tropical island in an Aston Martin. Other than that, most of the rest of us are, more or less, ‘normal’. :crazy_face:


Do you build cars or just drive them. I actually own a fabrication shop in Snellville GA. Owned one vintage Rolls and two vintage Bentley’s. Out of necessity I had to convert them to disc brakes an GM motets. Taking 5days to make caliper mounts with a cutting torch and a grinder I decided to get one of these. Now it takes about 14 seconds. I did well up to a week ago my X axes is groaning and hangs up when moving from a stop to another location when moving fast? Any ideas?

All right another screwball!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok, I have to fess up. The only automotive thing ‘I’ do is occasionally bring my 15 year old F150 in for an oil change.

However, there are a bunch of dudes who DO do cars, so, never fear, there is some useful experience you’ll be able to count on.

X axis grinding on a CF Pro has probably occurred once or twice. I don’t have a pro, but there is a category specifically for that platform. Use the search tool (magnifying glass in upper right), in that category, and look for “X grinding”, I’ll bet you’ll get something. If not, start a thread over there - you’ll get help.