Hey everyone, it's been awhile - RNR motion card not found

Hope everyone is doing well…

I have been using my table lately - about once a week to cut some things. Yesterday I used the table and all was well. Today I plugged everything in and moved the torch to my beginning spot - halfway there it stopped and I got the RNR Motion Card Not Found message in Mach 3. I have checked the Mach 3 support page and this page. For the life of me I can’t figure this out. I am using the same equipment since day one.

Same laptop, same Hypetherm 45xp, same USB cable, same power source, etc. Absolutely nothing has changed since yesterday. Not even any updates on the PC.

I am running a Macbook which I dual boot into Windows.



Did you reboot your computer? Sometimes the USB Root Hub or port will hang up due to static or some such. If that doesn’t do it, try a different USB port. If that does do it, then your port might be fried. If that doesn’t do it your CrossFire control board might be fried. Last resort is reinstalling Mach 3 & driver…

Then there always is the possibility that the USB cable got cut… You didn’t have it in the way of the torch did you? That would fry pretty much everything!


So somehow it fixed itself…

I’m guessing the laptop, an older MacBook, hadn’t completely loaded the drivers. Although it has never done this before, it’s a computer.

Thanks for the advice and my apologies in the delay getting this posted - storms here have been crazy.

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LOL! Yeah, most people see these as a necessary evil. They’ve kept me fully employed for almost 50 years!