HeroCut HC6000 with CF Pro works great

I have the CF Pro with the Herocut HC 6000, got it on Amazon for $629. It has been working really well with the pro as well as the THC. It has the CNC outputs in the back, the torch voltage is raw voltage and it was easy to connect to the Langmuir controller and THC. Had a few connectivity issues at first but made a triple loop on the USB and ferrite choke and moved the laptop and plasma cutter further away from each other and haven’t had an issue since. It uses S45 consumables which seem easy to find so far in multiple tip sizes. The Torch is a Tecmo and handles really well, I want upgrade to a machine torch down the road though.

If its a real Innotec or Tecmo PT/IPT60 torch it should not be using Trafimet S45 consumables. Also Trafimet S45 consumables only come in 20, 30 and 40 amps. The Herocut HC 6000 is a 60 amp plasma cutter so were do you get the 50 and 60 amp consumables?

Just be careful of the “60%” Duty Cycle. I would be careful running any projects that take a while to complete - may stop in the middle of it.

Thanks and I will be careful, when I’m using higher amps especially over 45 Amps I’ll build in long pauses in the gcode. 6 minutes every 10 minutes is max of actual cutting time when at 60 Amps, for thicker cuts ill account for it.

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You are correct on the S45 consumables being only 20,30 and 40. I get the 50 and 60 on Amazon In 1.1mm and 1.2mm. I can also procure them locally.


1.0mm is 50 amp, 1.1mm is 60 amp and 1.2mm is 70 amp.

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