Hero cut55 arc pilot firing and not firing crom time to time

Hi everyone i need help, i have this hero cut55 i have been using gor a couple oc months now, bt the vertical got damaged when changing the consumables, after which i bought a new torch and consumables. But the new torch and consumable are not firing from now and then, it smt fires and smt doesn’t. This is happens in the middle of the operation. I use proma THC and mach3 software and a TB6560 4 axis controller

So what shall i do abt this misfiring
Help pls
Best regards

I had a herocut 55…worked nice till it did not work at all…less than a year old…
often when torches fire on and off it is because the cap ring is not making proper contact with the points inside.
clean your point…and do not over tighten the cap…than helps

I will try that and let u know the results, thanks in advance