Here is some 3/8 steel cut with the Everlast 50s

Just thought I would share some recent thick material cuts I made with the Everlast 50s. I purchased this plasma cutter a few months ago and it has not let me down once.


Your first picture, the edge looks a little bit tapered. I’m looking at the same table and torch – just wondering if you think that’s a torch alignment thing or just to be expected on plate like this? Otherwise looks awesome!

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I think that’s just the angle of the picture, it was a nice straight edge all the way around

Hello, can yo tell me the tip # and the speed of the torch that you used on the 3/8 “ steel

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Sure man, it was cut at 50 amps, 30ipm with a 2 sec pierce delay

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nice, really debating on an everlast or a bigger hypertherm for my other table. I have read the everlast likes more of a pierce delay. What do you run on 1/4" as far as speed and pierce? thanks