Here is a hypertherm x45 for Everlast and other plasma cutters

So I did some researching and found this reputable company who makes the hypertherm x45 torch a plug and play for other plasma cutters. This is a great solution for people who want better cut quality and consumeable life. I think I may go this route as well just for the consumeable life and the ability to use the hypertherm cut charts

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Well I am sorry to say this is not a Hypertherm X45 torch, its a Chinese copy of the Tecmo UPM105 torch. It will only use the older Hypertherm powermax 45 - 45 amp consumables and not the powermax 45XP consumables.

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Ahhh really? I’m not familiar with HT products so this is a good to know

One thing to note. Hypertherm torch processes operate at a higher load voltage as compared to the load voltages used by most import plasma cutter power supplies. This increases the wattage output of the plasma power supply…which will shorten the power supply duty cycle, possibly causing premature power supply failure. When you buy a Hypertherm plasma cutter the power supplies are designed to operate at these higher load voltages. Use caution when installing one of these torches that are essentially a copy of 25 year old Hypertherm technology. These torches are designed to use Hypertherm style consumables as used with older Hypertherm systems such as the Powermax45, not the Powermax45XP. Jim Colt