Helping everyone helps....everyone!

I have been around here for 3 years…have met some great people…
I have made friends with people all over the world.
If I have been unable to help I try to put hope and smile on people.

A little while ago I had shipping issues with my limit stops…I yet to install them…and the staff at Langmuir were very helpful and there when needed.
In fact they have been there from day 1.

Sure there are some issues from time to time with the tables…but the support offered by Langmuir and the forum is outstanding.
Every company has glitches…but it is how the staff handle them…and Langmuir does a great job.

it is the following picture that shows the dedication Langmuir has to customer service…

Thanks to all aty Langmuir…
@langmuir-reilly @langmuir-aksel @langmuirsystems

And thanks to all the staff there and all the members here!


Well Put :+1: