Help with set up

I have a cross fire and it worked well in the past. My existing Laptop is having issues and is old. I got a new one and I cant seem to get it to work. I downloaded Fusion 360, that seems fine, I downloaded Mach 3 ok. But the set-up videos dont exactly line up with what i am seeing now. looking for some overall guidance

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Yeah the tutorials are dated or are actually tailored for the new systems. It’s too late for me to help today, (going for a Lobster dinner!) but if you still need help I can walk you through it tomorrow. What time zone are you?


eastern time zone. can we plan for Friday. I am out tomorrow

thank you

dang you!!!..once a food only given to the poor…now you are poor once you buy it…


Friday should be ok. I’ll see if I can put together my brain enough to remember the Mach 3 installation process. I’ve done it enough times, I SHOULD remember. However, these days, remembering isn’t my strongest ‘skill’. :roll_eyes:


FYI, it wasn’t like the old days where we could pick a lobster out of an old bathtub and throw it in a pot for $3.59 a lb… Still, it WAS good. Yum… uh, did I mention that it was REALLY good! :yum:

Here are the basic steps. They are documented to a limited degree here:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to:

Legacy Mach3 Downloads

Then, follow each step in sequence:

  1. Download and ‘install’ Mach3.exe to C:/Mach3. NOTE: this requires a special version. The one linked on the LS Downloads site is the correct version.
  2. Download and copy the Mach3 controller plugin to C:/Mach3/Plugins.
  3. Right click on the next item, Crossfire Mach3 Profile and select Save Link As… Save it to C:/Mach3 folder.
  4. You shouldn’t need the Windows 10 ‘patch’ referenced in the next entry because the Mach3 version above includes it IIRC.
  5. Download the break in program just to have something known to work. Put this wherever you keep your G-Code files.
  6. Update Fusion to add the CrossFire Mach3 Post Processor. This link connects you to Autodesk site which SHOULD load the postprocessor properly.

You should be ready to go, but when you launch Mach3Mill, you need to select the CrossFire-v1.1 profile. Set this as your default profile.

If you still have problems, let us know…


thank you for the support. Still won’t work. I think I need .tap files but everything saves at .nc files. Not sure how to get the g code to save as .tap files.

NC are g codes also.

I’ll have to look at the Post Processor code and Mach3 config, but the fact that you have a mismatch tells me ONE of those things is not set up properly in your system. I’ll check tomorrow. On the easy todo end of things, as a temporary fix, just rename the file. The code should be the same in both files.